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Ariake Himawari Fund Law Office,the predecessor of Ariake Shimabara Law Office,was established with assistance from Japan Federation of Bar Associations, Kyushu Federation of Bar Associations, and Nagasaki Bar Association in order to ensure that attorneys at law are available in Shimabara Peninsula.

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Practice Areas

1. Family and Inheritance Law

  Divorce issues: share of expenses arising from marriage,

                           child custody, division of marital propety, etc.  

  Inheritance issues: execution of a will, division of inherited 

                                   propety, etc.

  Adult Guardianship: a system that aims to legally support     

                             persons with insufficient capacity to judge things 

                             due to dementia, intellectual disability, etc.

2. Civil Law

  Labor issues: wrongful discharge, nonpayment, harassment, etc.

  Compensation claim issues: traffic injury, workplace injury, etc.

  Consumer issues: wrongful denial of insurance claims, etc.

  Contract issues: recovery of damages for breach of contract, etc.

  Rental and leasing issues for landlords and tenants

3. Crime Victims Support

  Support during the investigation stage

         going to the police with you and reporting a crime, etc.

  Support during a criminal trial

         victim participation in criminal proceedings, etc.

  Seeking compensation for personal injury or wrongful death

        applying for crime victim benefits, filing a lawsuit against

          the offender, filing a petition for compulsory execution, etc. 

4. Bankruptcy Discharge 

  Bankruptcy proceedings are designed to liquidate the debtor's

     assets and fairly distribute proceeds among creditors when the  

    debtor is no longer able to pay debts.

   Discharge proceedings are designed to support the debtor to

     recover financially by discharging debts.  

5. Criminal Law

6. Immigration Law



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Civil Legal Aid provides supports for people having financial difficulties when they get into legal trouble.

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Location and Access
1850-1, Imagawa-cho, Shimabara City, Nagasaki Prefecture (the fifth floor of Otemon Building)

10-minute walk from Shimabara Staion

Tel: 0957-61-0888



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